Your Breath is Your Anchor

We take 20-25,000 breaths a day. Of all the things that we can do to improve our overall health and wellbeing, it would be to improve our breathing. Anyone at any age can start to benefit from improving their breathing. You can start anytime, practice anywhere and no special tools are needed.

30 Days of Breathing Lessons

In this course learn simple daily awareness based exercises that help to get you in your body and breathing in a deeper way.

5-15 min a day over the course of 30 days will help you develop good breathing as a regular daily habit.

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Benefits of Improving Breath

Improving digestion

Increasing circulation

Enhances immune function

Supports cardiovascular health

increases energy

Calms the mind

Improves Posture


Being able to visualize the lungs and diaphragm now more vividly definitely changes how I see my breath internally! The visuals are a huge help! I can’t believe how much I could learn about breathing. This has all resonated with me. Love this 🙌 -Shalane L.

I am very much enjoying this course and learning a lot!! I really like having the lessons released one at a time each day. It gives me a chance to think about and practice the lesson before moving on to the next one (my natural tendency would be to power through to the end.) Thank you so much!! - Kaite B.

Thank you! This course was exactly what I needed to kick-start things this year. - Theresa C.

Hi Melonie, This is fascinating, simple, and easy to make big differences in my breathing. I'm slow in integrating awareness all day/every day, but the more I remember and the more classes I take, the more I remember and engage. Thank you! - Jane N.

The visuals throughout the course are helpful. Learning so much. Thanks, Melonie - Sarah S.